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Canon regains it's marketshare momentum in Japan over the last 4 weeks | Canon News
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Canon regains it's marketshare momentum in Japan over the last 4 weeks
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Canon regains it's marketshare momentum in Japan over the last 4 weeks

BCN did a report on the state of the mirrorless market.  BCN is one of the largest leading sales statistic companies in Japan.  They collect over 50% of the sales receipts from online retailers and also physical stores.

Canon who temporarily lost their mirrorless market share lead overall in Japan in June and July regained it in August and has gained steadily the last four weeks of August, and six weeks of continual growth in total.

In the chart, green is Canon, purple is Sony and light blue is Olympus.

Olympus has come out of nowhere the last month to essentially catch up to Sony.

As far as Japan, Kiss M (or the EOS-M50 depending on where you live) continues to completely dominate mirrorless sales in Japan holding a commanding 17.3% marketshare.  The A6400 seems to be losing steam now down to 10.7% over the period reported.  Now I know some (especially Sony folks) will cry - this is units, not value, it's unfair. 

So we did some math for you. Assuming each percentage point is one camera for the sake of math;

  • Sony A6400 has a base price at MapCamera of 105,730 Yen =  1,131,311 Yen
  • Canon M50 has a base price at MapCamera of 67,554 Yen = 1,168,684 Yen

It seems even when you look at it in terms of value, Canon's M50 is outselling the seven month old A6400.  Considering that the EOS-M50 is nearing 1.5 years old and certainly under specced when it comes to video and other features. That's an achievement.  Whatever magic marketing Canon is doing in Japan - it's working.  Olympus surprisingly has 4 models in the top 10, leading all manufacturers.

The only full frame model in the top 10 continues to be the Sony A7 III which continues to be a resounding success for Sony.  BCN notes that Sony has the A7RIV coming out soon, and that they found that the A7R III even though it was expensive, was also a good seller for Sony.

They also note that the Canon M6 Mark II may shift the needle as well for Canon being a fairly high specced 32.5MP and 14FPS camera, and the Sony A6600 and A6100 will also sell well.  The landscape for mirrorless marketshare should be interesting to watch for the rest of the calendar year.


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