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Canon stealth fixed the EOS R banding noise?
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Canon stealth fixed the EOS R banding noise?

Through my usual surfing around, I discovered a thread happening about the firmware 1.2 on dpreview that mentioned a stealth fix in firmware 1.2 that removed the shadow banding that would occur with extreme shadow pushes.  Depending on the colors (especially grey) it could show up with less aggressive pulls, so it was certainly an issue.

That set me off googling around, and I found some collaborating evidence that it clearly appears that the shadow banding that could plague the EOS R has been resolved, or at least mitigated down to a level that only affects natural light photographers shooting bats in dark caves.

If you are unfamiliar about the problem, Michael the Maven produced a video on it back when the EOS R was first shipping:

Again, this didn't seem to happen with all EOS R's and also didn't usually happen unless you did extreme shadow pulls.

Now however it seems to be gone.

Ryan Stone did a quick test of his EOS R with the firmware applied, and the noise after extreme shadow pulls looks quite good (actually amazing after +5 EV pulls).

Also, this test image shown below, taken from here, shows side by side testing of the firmware 1.2 before and after and the difference in the shadows.  You can especially notice the difference on the flash body housing.  If you want a bigger view of the image, click on the image to magnify it, then right click and choose open image in new tab to view the full sized image.  No mention on how extreme the pulls were in this example.  You can pretty clearly see the noise that was present in firmware 1.00 and 1.10 is gone in version 1.20.

I'm curious.  Has anyone else looked at this, and are the results the same? Did Canon really slip in a fix that they never really mentioned in the release notes for firmware 1.2?


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