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Canon to announce a 24-70 F2.0 with the EOS R? | Canon News
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Canon to announce a 24-70 F2.0 with the EOS R?
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Canon to announce a 24-70 F2.0 with the EOS R?

A new rumor has surfaced that Canon is looking to announce a 24-70 2.0 with the EOS-R.

While it's unknown if this RF mount is mechanically compatible with the EF mount, so this lens could be an RF lens or an EF lens, it's really unknown at this time.

Canon Rumors reports;

We’re told that Canon will announce an RF 24-70mm f/2 lens with the EOS R body. The same source says the lens employs a “new lens design”, but gave no specifics.

A 24-70mm f/2 would obviously be a very large lens using conventional lens design, so we’re not sure what Canon could change to reduce the size of the lens.

If we look at the patent applications that we found before, we see that Canon was certainly looking at using a modified EF mount to support two different lenses.  If we look again at this patent, we see a modified EF mount with an additional pin to signify a new lens protocol.

This would indeed be a sexy solution for the new mount.  It would also lock up Canon's new mount and therefore the lenses, under a new patent umbrella making it difficult for metabones,etc to reverse engineer and supply a Sony FE to EF/RF adapter.  I'm sure Canon isn't too happy with EF users migrating to Sony and using their existing lenses.



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