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Canon trending up in Japan's mirrorless full frame market
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Canon trending up in Japan's mirrorless full frame market

I think if I had a loonie (Yes, I'm Canadian) for every time someone stated emphatically that Canon is losing market share to Sony and that Canon is desperate - I think I could be retired by now on my favorite Thailand island by now.

However, sadly, I'm not retired, not in Thailand, and it's not the truth either.

What has happened is that Canon has consistently over the last 5+ years achieved an overall market share around the 45% market.  They probably have had a 40% plus market share since film days as well with the exception of a 2-year blip when Nikon released the D1.  Canon then responded with the 1D and later with the 1Ds, and it's basically been history since.

Since the mass market disruption of both Canon and Nikon switching over to mirrorless, much interest has been given to how Sony would respond and if and how long could Sony maintains their lead.  This BCN Ranking charge (from BCN who tracks sales data from Japan) shows that at least in Japan, Canon is steadily chipping away at Sony's lead.  It should be noted that I do believe BCN is based upon sales receipts, so any preorder queue for the R5 and R6 will not show up.

From BCN we see that Sony has gone from near 100% marketshare to now hovering around 43.9%.  While 43.9% is still fantastic, it should be noted that neither Canon nor Nikon have fully fleshed out their camera lines and their lens lineups.  They also still have a portion of their user base still on DSLRs.  Some may suggest that Canon just released the R5 and R6.  True, but also, Sony released the long-awaited A7S III as well.

Also of note, Canikon now has a greater share than Sony in the market after less than 2 years in the market.  Sony worried? Full frame is their bread and butter, you can bet this will get Sony's creative juices flowing fast.

Canon started to trend upwards around the 2 or 3rd month of the year, before the R5 and R6 were available, meaning it's most likely the lenses that got people to buy and not the cameras.  If Canon does indeed release 14 lenses next year, it will be interesting to see what the market share looks like then.

Again, it should be noted, that this is for the Japan market only.

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