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Canon unveils the EOS R and RF: Official EOS R Specifications | Canon News
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Canon unveils the EOS R and RF: Official EOS R Specifications
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Canon unveils the EOS R and RF: Official EOS R Specifications

A few things to note that are not listed in these specifications

  • Eye AF is supported using the face detect AF.
  • The body only price of the EOS R will be $2299 USD and 3399 with the 24-105 L RF IS USM


Image Sensor

30.3 MP Full-frame CMOS (36.0 x 24.0mm)

Image Processor


Lens Mount

Canon RF mount

Compatible Lenses

RF lenses (Compatible with EF & EF-S lenses when using optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS R)

Autofocus Focus Control

Phase-difference detection system with image sensor
(Dual Pixel CMOS AF)

AF Area

Approx. 88% horizontal by 100% vertical
(Area size varies according to compatible lens)

Available AF Areas

Maximum 143 area

AF Points

Maximum of 5,655 manually selectable* (When selected with cross keys)

AF Working Range

EV -6 to 18 (f/1.2, at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100, One-Shot AF)

AF Method

Face+Tracking AF, 1-point AF **, Expand AF area (Above, below, left and right),
Expand AF area (Around), Zone AF, Large Zone AF (Vertical),
Large Zone AF (Horizontal)

Maximum Frames Per Second

High-speed continuous shooting: Approx. 8.0 fps,
With Servo AF: Approx. 5.0 fps (shooting speed priority)

Still Image Capture Image Format

JPEG, RAW (14 bit Canon original), C-RAW (Canon original)

File Size

3:2 Aspect Ratio: Large/RAW/C-RAW: 6720 x 4480,
Medium: 4464 x 2976, Small 1: 3360 x 2240, Small 2: 2400 x 1600 

1.6x (Crop): Large/RAW/C-RAW: 4176 x 2784, Small 2: 2400 x 1600 

4:3 Aspect Ratio: Large/RAW/C-RAW: 5952 x 4480***,
Medium: 3968 x 2976, Small 1: 2976 x 2240***, Small 2: 2112 x 1600*** 

16:9 Aspect Ratio***: Large/RAW/C-RAW: 6720 x 3776,
Medium: 4464 x 2512, Small 1: 3360 x 1888, Small 2: 2400 x 1344 

1:1 Aspect Ratio: Large/RAW/C-RAW: 4480 x 4480,
Medium: 2976 x 2976, Small 1: 2240 x 2240, Small 2: 1600 x 1600

Video Recording Flie Format


Video Encode

MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression

Audio Format

ALL-I uses Linear PCM, IPB uses AAC through built-in stereo microphone or optional external microphone

Video Recording

4K 3840 x 2160: 29.97fps/24.00fps/23.98fps, ALL-I: 480Mbps, 3444 MB/min.
4K 3840 x 2160: 29.97fps/24.00fps/23.98fps, IPB: 120Mbps, 860 MB/min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080: 59.94fps^, ALL-I: 180Mbps, 1298 MB/min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080: 59.94fps^, IPB: 60Mbps, 431 MB/min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080: 29.97fps/24.00fps/23.98fps/HDR Video,
ALL-I: 90Mbps, 654 MB/min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080: 29.97fps/24.00fps/23.98fps/HDR Video,
IPB: 30Mbps, 216 MB/min.
Full HD 1920 x 1080: 29.97fps, IPB Light: 12Mbps, 87 MB/min.
HD 1280 x 720: 119.9fps, ALL-I: 160Mbps, 1144 MB/min.
HD 1280 x 720: 59.94fps, ALL-I: 80Mbps, 583 MB/min.
HD 1280 x 720: 59.94fps, IPB: 26Mbps, 187 MB/min.
HD 1280 x 720: 29.97fps/HDR Video, IPB: 13Mbps, 94 MB/min.

Canon Log Dynamic Range

Approx. 800%

Canon Log Recording

4K/Full HD/HD YCbCr 4:2:0 BT.709 8-bit (Internal Memory)
4K/Full HD/HD YCbCr 4:2:2 BT.709 8-bit (HDMI Output)
4K YCbCr 4:2:2 BT.709/BT.2020 10-bit (HDMI Output)

Exposure Control Metering Modes

Real-time metering

Metering Range

EV -3 to 20 (at 73°F/23°C, ISO 100)

Shooting Modes

Scene Intelligent Auto, Flexible-priority AE, Program AE, Shutter-priority AE, Aperture-priority AE, Manual Exposure, Bulb Exposure, Custom Shooting Modes: C1, C2, C3

ISO Speed

ISO 100 to 40000 (in 1/3-stop or whole-stop increments)

ISO Expansion

L: 50, H1: 51200, H2: 102400

Exposure Compensation

±3-stops in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments

AE Lock

Auto, Manual

Recording Media

SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards

Shutter Type

Electronically controlled focal-plane shutter

Shutter Speed

1/8000–30 sec., bulb.

Maximum Sync. Speed

X-sync at 1/200 sec.

Viewfinder Type

OLED Electronic Viewfinder

Screen Size

0.5-inch diagonal


Approx. 0.71x/33.3° (Approx. 0.76 (with 50mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1)


Approx. 3.69 million dots


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LCD Monitor Type

TFT Color Clear View II LCD Touchscreen

Screen Size

3.15-inch diagonal


Approx. 2.10 million dots


Approx. 100% vertically/horizontally

Wi-Fi ® Connectivity

IEEE 802.11b/g/n Compatible

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Bluetooth® Version 4.1 compliant

Exterior Dimension (W x H x D)

Approx. 5.35 x 3.87 x 3.32 in. / 135.8 x 98.3 x 84.4mm • Based on CIPA standards
Approx. 5.35 x 3.87 x 2.67 in. / 135.8 x 98.3 x 67.7mm (from grip to monitor)

Weight (CIPA)

Approx. 1.46 lbs. / 660g

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