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CIPA August 2017
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CIPA August 2017

CIPA yesterday posted thier numbers for August this year, and we see again, a continued increase from YoY for gains for overall ILC shipment strength.

However, I think this data is a little circumspect to take into account last year as a "normal" year beacuse of Sony's sensor manufacturing issues of last year.

From 2015's data, we are still seeing a dramatic drop off in shipments, however, trending from before Sony stopped shipping sensors in 2016-17 can leave us to be optimistic that the decline has slowed down to being significantly less than what we have seen in the last 3-4 years.  September through December numbers will be far more relevant to the overall health of the market then the last 4 months.

There is a continued trend of Mirrorless gaining shipment marketshare lead by the growth in Asia for Mirrorless products. That combined with a increased marketshare for Japan has seen the total Asian unit volume significantly increase with respects to overall marketshare.

Curiously, Asia (including Japan) still maintains around a 60% Mirrorless only marketshare overall, and it's a little amazing how stable that has been over the years. There's been hills and valleys to that, but overall it's been remarkably stable.

The last two-three months have seen an uptick of DSLR sales and the increase of the DLR marketshare from what was around 62-65% back up to 72%, leading to the fact that DSLR's  aren't quite dead yet in the market.  I'm sure that will disappoint some ;)  Most likely this trend will continue as the shipment "correction" of mirrorless not being able to ship for 1/3 of last year, and still vendors getting out delayed products has completed and normal shipment trends take over again.

I think that the next few months will indicate where the market sits, especially with the quarterly reports due to come out in late October starting with Canon.

All this data was collected from CIPA's monthly pages and analyzed via Microsoft Excel

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