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Clarification on the EOS-M50 and the Flash coming soon | Canon News
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Clarification on the EOS-M50 and the Flash coming soon

Clarification on the EOS-M50 and the Flash coming soon

There has been some further clarification on the rumors from notshika camera to what is coming "soon" possibly for CP+ from Canon.

There's been made a big issue with this being an APS-C sized camera versus a full frame camera. I have no clue to who has been saying it's a full frame - considering it was issued for certification with an 15-45mm lens as the kit lens.  This was always going to be APS-C from the beginning of certification leaks, but no matter.  Nothing that was reported lately has changed that.  It's still a working theory that it's sitting somewhere in between the M6 and the M100 in terms of functionality.  That seems to be a pretty small window between the two cameras.  We'll know more when the specifications come out.

What is a little curious is the flash, it's now labelled as a 470EX, which places it just above the really new 430EX RT which seems to be a strange positioning.

There was speculation at one time that this was a mirrorless specific flash, that may make more sense than yet another speedlight in the 400 guide number range.

We should know more within the next 1-2 weeks as far as details as the launch dates get closer.








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