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Comparing the 6D Mark II vs the 6D - High ISO noise
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Comparing the 6D Mark II vs the 6D - High ISO noise

PetaPixel has released an article detailing the difference in luminance noise between the 6D and the 6D Mark II.

It's a very useful article that details the difference in high ISO noise between the two cameras.  the 6D has slightly better high ISO noise response with less color shift than the newer model.

Of course, the 6D Mark II has several disadvantages to this test; it's a higher resolution camera at 26MP versus 20MP, and it's a DPAF sensor (dual pixel auto focus), which splits each pixel in half and would have slilghtly worse response than a full pixel taking up the entire area under a microlens.

However, if you are looking to buy a 6D Mark II, you should keep this comparison in mind;

As Peta Pixel concludes;

What This Means for Your Photos

All high ISO photos show more noise in the darkest parts of photos. However, as compared to the original 6D, the 6D Mark II reveals more color and luminance noise in high ISO photos, except for in the light midtones. This effect is most significant in the darkest parts of a photo.

Should You Choose the 6D or the 6D Mark II?

If you take low light photos often, especially of dark subjects (like the night sky), it appears that the 6D will perform better in terms of noise. However, the 6D Mark II has many benefits over the 6D, some of which might be more important to your shooting needs. To name a few:

  • The Mark II has 45 focus points, vs. 11 on the original 6D.
  • The Mark II has an articulating screen, which makes it easier to take photos from odd angles.
  • The Mark II goes up to ISO 40,000. (If you’d ever want to use it!)
  • The Mark II has a touchscreen.
  • The Mark II can connect via Bluetooth.

So, choosing the 6D Mark II over the 6D depends on your unique shooting situation.

Read the rest of the article at Peta Pixel

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