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Dpreview: Canon EOS R6 Review
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Dpreview: Canon EOS R6 Review

DPReview weighed in with the Canon EOS R6 and completed their review of Canon's latest mid level full frame digital camera body.  Generally, they were very pleased with it - and especially the autofocus.  For once, the comment, "but Sony is much better" wasn't heard.  They liked the camera enough to give it their Gold award and a 90% score.


  • Excellent image quality in both Raw and JPEG
  • Superb ergonomics
  • Good dynamic range
  • Decent resolution, despite pixel count
  • Clever HDRTV-ready HEIF mode
  • Impressive burst shooting rates (12 and 20 fps, depending on mode)
  • Autofocus is very good and requires little setup, especially with human or animal subjects
  • Reasonable battery life
  • Highly detailed video footage with 10-bit HDR or Log capabilities
  • Sensible separation of stills and video settings, enabling quick switching
  • In-camera USB charging (with high-current devices)
  • Separate charger included with camera


  • Rolling shutter can detract from excellent looking video
  • Some features (such as HDR PQ) aren't easily accessible
  • Non-optional noise reduction applied to Raws
  • Any use of camera cuts into video recording times (making video shooting unpredictable)
  • AF setup can get complex if you need chase the perfect response

Their conclusions;

The Canon EOS R6 offers much of the capability of the EOS-1D X III in an enthusiast-level mirrorless body. It's only a 20MP camera but one that can produce great results across a huge range of photographic challenges. The tendency to overheat if used before shooting video undermines its appeal for people shooting video and stills together, but the footage is best-in-class if you can work around this limitation. A superb photographers' camera, even if it's not quite the perfect hybrid model.

Read the full review here


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