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DPReview completes their Canon EOS R review
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DPReview completes their Canon EOS R review

DPreview has completed their EOS R review with a mixed review.  While they liked the lenses, they had a fair amount of issues surrounding the ergonomics and capability of the camera itself.

This pretty much echoes most reviews, however, it can be said that this is a camera that you need to use the way the designers felt it could be used.  I know after hands-on use with an EOS R, I found it annoyingly similar yet not so similar to the EOS M5, a camera you would think it would share a great deal of ergonomic DNA with.

Canon has suggested (you could even say promised) that substantial firmware updates will be forthcoming for the EOS R after it was released.  It could be that even Canon felt it had some rough edges that needed to be vetted and fixed after general release.  When we went to a Canon demonstration of the EOS R last month, some camera bodies already had beta firmware (specifically for continuous shooting silent shutter).  So it's apparent to us, that Canon seems to be taking firmware updates seriously.

There are some things that dpreview didn't like that even updated firmware can't fix, such as rolling shutter in 4K video and also in electronic/silent shutter modes.  These simply require faster sensors than what Canon placed inside of the EOS R.

DPreview concludes;

With a 30MP sensor, fantastic color reproduction and on-sensor autofocus, the EOS R can produce some beautiful photographs with pinpoint-accurate focus. But it's Canon's first mirrorless full-frame camera, and in many ways, it shows. The ergonomics feel unfinished, and for the same or less money, you can find better video, more dynamic range and faster burst speeds elsewhere. But we have to admit that Canon's new RF lenses are simply spectacular, and at this time, the EOS R is the only way to get to use them.

Read the full review here

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