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Dpreview: EOS R5 Review
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Dpreview: EOS R5 Review

I had to admit, I was a little curious to see how Dpreview would review this camera.

Dpreview, gave it I feel a very balanced review and covered most of the important points about this camera.

Yes, they mentioned it overheats.  No, they don't really go into that much detail when other camera overheats - but considering, and rightly so, the level of exposure Canon marketing put on the 8K and advanced video features, the egg deserves to be on Canon's face on this - especially considering they have yet to do something as simple as making a "high-temperature threshold" heat setting for the camera, something Sony's for instance, use to get around the exact same problems that the R5 experiences.

The pros and cons list basically states to me anyway, if you use this as an actual stills camera, there's little in the way of cons.  It's arguably to date, Canon's best stills camera and a worthwhile successor to the 5D series bodies.

The EOS R5 is still a hard camera to come by so if you want to get one, we suggest getting your order in as soon as possible.


  • Outstanding overall image quality
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Impressive autofocus performance with little setup necessary
  • Deep video feature set
  • Great overall video quality
  • High-resolution viewfinder and fully articulating rear screen
  • Very fast sensor readout for video and electronic shutter modes
  • Excellent in-body stabilization
  • Fast burst shooting rates
  • Dual card slots: CFExpress, UHS-II SD
  • In-camera USB charging but a dedicated charger is still included
  • Excellent HDRTV-ready video and photo modes


  • Heat buildup is an issue for users that need the best video quality
  • Electronic shutter and 20fps bursts will lessen your dynamic range somewhat
  • Non-optional noise reduction applied to Raw files
  • Autofocus set-up can be complicated if you need the absolute best results
  • Customization options are a bit limited against competing cameras


The Canon EOS R5 is well-suited for just about any type of photographer, whether you shoot portraits, events, weddings, sports, family gatherings, and more. We've felt a bit let down by Canon's promises of the camera's outright video capability, but for most users, it's still a great option for getting good-quality video clips of almost anything you point it at. Power users that need the best video quality all the time won't be a good fit, but otherwise the EOS R5 is a fantastic option for almost anyone looking for a quality full-frame high-resolution mirrorless camera.

Read the full review here.

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