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DPReview first impressions review of the EOS R | Canon News
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DPReview first impressions review of the EOS R
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DPReview first impressions review of the EOS R

DPReview has released their comprehensive first impressions review of the EOS R.  Thier opinion is a bit mixed on the handling and the camera to date. 

Every now and then, Canon will experiment with a feature and "throw it out" to the market and see how it works, I think their main complaint of the M-fn bar is exactly that.  Something Canon wanted to try and see how widely it's adopted or panned in the real world.  From the first impressions from multiple sources, it's pretty much a waste of a feature as it stands right now.

Perhaps the promised firmware update will remove some of the complaints that DPReview has with the camera.

From their summary:

I suspect that most users that will invest in an EOS R will be mid-level enthusiasts (i.e. Rebel and EOS 80D upgraders) that are most interested in the larger sensor and the fact that it says 'Canon' on the front; I also suspect they'll not be terribly interested in the fact that it's Canon's first 'serious' mirrorless offering. Unfortunately for those users, if you come to the EOS R with expectation of how a Canon camera 'should work,' you're likely to be frustrated for a bit. You'll be much better off approaching it with an open mind.

Read the full first impressions review here

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