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DPReview interviews Canon at CP+
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DPReview interviews Canon at CP+

DPReview sat down with Go Tokura, Naoya Kaneda, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, and Manabu Kato during CP+ had a Q&A interview with them.

There's alot of points that were covered, and we've done our best to summarize some of the main core points made during the interview.   You can read the full interview here.

  • Canon focused on creating the highest performing lenses they could which is why they started with so many L lenses
  • Canon is looking at capturing as many customers as they can with the camera bodies they chose to make.
  • EOS RP users can expect more affordable lenses in the future.
  • The same engineers work on EF and RF (and possibly but not mentioned EF-M) lenses.  They have to catch up with RF lenses, the focus will be there.
  • EF-M tends to be smaller size, didn't offer the same advantages of RF going forward
  • APS-C may come to the RF mount "if there's a consumer need"
  • Nano USM works with lightweight focus elements, which is why some other RF L lenses use normal USM
  • Canon didn't admit that the 70-200 extends.  Which is most likely does
  • Canon admits there was dissatisfaction with the video features in the RF camera bodies to date.
  • Canon is developing new sensors, they didn't go into specifics. but they know that video is important.
  • Canon is on track with their plans for the 2020 olympics that probably means a new 1DX Mark III
  • They see "cameras" and not as much "mirrorless" versus "DSLR" and admit there is a trend towards mirrorless happening
  • Canon feels there's still other markets that can be found for the camera market, such as the casual captive market, with the right products.


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