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End of the Year Rumor news
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End of the Year Rumor news

The next week is going to be weird here at CanonNews, as we are now in Thailand, and visiting some South Asia countries before heading to Japan and CP+ this coming year.  So right now, I can't tell you what time it is.  It's probably 50/50 I'd even get the day wrong.

There are a few new rumors floating around, and I thought I'd lump them all into one super rumor post and share my thoughts.

According to the latest rumors from Canon Rumors, there is still the possibility of the 1DX Mark III shooting 5.9K video, of course, that would mean the sensor has to be at least 24MP for that to happen.

Canon is most likely keeping things under wraps for what the Nikon D6 will ultimately contain.  Could the 1DX Mark III shoot 6K video? The trick will be doing this without venting.  The Panasonic S1H contains venting to cool down it's 6K video and the rumored A7S III unicorn camera is also rumored to have vented cooling.  That doesn't meant they are not weather-sealed, they have done some cool heat transference to get around that and still seal the cameras.

It's possible but we have seen all the pictures of the 1DX Mark III and no active venting seems to be present.  Canon has barely caught up to the processing capability of the competition, asking them to surpass the technology of the competition may be a tough stretch.

Another rumor from Canon Rumors is about the RF mount and what is happened with lenses in the coming year.  I suspect that Canon enjoyed the ongoing press throughout the year as they pre-announced the lenses and slowly released them. It gave them a ton of talking points throughout the year, and I'd be shocked if they didn't do the same this year.

Canon Rumors is suggesting that 2020 will present some interesting lenses including more consumer lenses.  On the list may be some novel designs such as constant aperture consumer lenses.  A consumer F4.0 grade trinity would be fantastic in my opinion.

As expected is perhaps a pancake and a 50mm prime.  All of which certainly makes sense as right now it's a gaping hole in the RF lineup.

The final camera rumor comes from the Northrups..which is a curious design of a DSLR and Mirrorless hybrid camera that Tony came up with.


It's an intriguing design, and I'm sure Canon has looked at similar hybrid solutions before as we have seen hybrid viewfinders, etc from Canon, just not everything all in one camera.  Personally I think this is too complicated, and would end up being too large and too heavy that it would never make it to market.


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