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EOS R First Impression Reviews (Updated Oct 1st) | Canon News
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EOS R First Impression Reviews (Updated Oct 1st)
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EOS R First Impression Reviews (Updated Oct 1st)

After the major announcement yesterday, there's a flurry of first impression reviews circling around the internet.  We will attempt to itemize most of them here.  This is an article that we will update as we find new information, so check back with us daily for any updates.  This is probably the most comprehensive list of hands-on previews, and information surrounding the EOS R.  Canon released this camera body to a TON of reviewers so there is a lot of information to go through.


DPReview - The Canon EOS R isn't a mirrorless 5D IV, but it's a start

DPReview - DPReview TV: First thoughts on the Canon R

DPReview - Canon EOS R: first sample images posted

Updated Sept 7th, DPreview - EOS R RAW Conversions included in Sample Gallery

PhotographyBlog - First Impressions

PhotographyBlog - Preview Images

PhotographyBlog - Hands on photos

Updated Oct 1st - PhotographyBlog - EOS R unboxing

B&H Photo Video - First Look Review

Updated Sept 7th, Thephoblographer - Special Report: The Canon EOS R is Winning My Heart as a Portrait Photographer

Updated Sept 8th, Digital Camera world - Canon pro David Noton's honest assessment of the Canon EOS R

Updated Sept 8th, PopPhoto - Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless hands on and first sample photos

Updated Sept 8th, Digital Trends - Hands on Review

Updated Sept 9th, Popular Science - Shooting with Canon's impressive EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera

Updated Sept 9th, Engaget - Three days with Canon’s EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera


Updated Sept 11th, Imaging-Resource - Canon EOS R First Shots

Updated Sept 11th, The Digital Picture - My Thoughts on the Canon EOS R and RF Lenses

Updated Sept 14th, DPReview - What does the EOS R tell us about Canon and the RF mounts future?

Updated Sept 14th, LensRentals - My Canon/Nikon Mirrorless Camera Unfanboy Opinion

Some videos...

Silent Shutter Mode demonstration

Jared Polin's First Impressions

Tony & Chelsea Northrup's First Impressions

PhotoRec TV First Impressions

Updated Sept 9th - Kai's first look

Updated Sept 9th - Gordon Laing's first look and hands on report

Updated Sept 10th - Jared's hands on review of a production EOS R

Updated Sept 11 - Imaging Resource - Hands-On Walkthrough

Updated Sept 11 - Jessica Kobeissi - My Canon EOS R Mirrorless Review, 5D Comparison + Example Photos

Updated Sept 13th - AbleCini - At the Bench: First Look at the Canon EOS R

Updated Sept 13th - Imaging-Resource: Canon EOS R Review: Full Walkthrough

Updated Sept 13th: Dustin Abbot - Canon EOS R Announcement: What I Love, What I Hate | 4K

Updated Sept 13th: Canon EOS R Detailed Hands On Review - Canon Full Frame Mirrorless - Mert Gundogdu

Updated Sept 13th: Tony & Chelsea Northrup - Canon EOS R: Best vlogging camera (is flawed)

Updated Sept 14th: Canon USA - Canon Burbank EOS R Open House

Updated Sept 14th - Luminous Landscapes - Canon EOS R hits and misses

Updated Sept 18th - Tony and Chelsea Northrup: Canon EOS R Image Quality: Good News, Bad News

Updated Sept 21st - Roberto Valenzuela - Canon EOS R Review and Shoot

Updated Sept 21st - Joe Allam - First look + hands on review

Updated Sept 26th - Peter Mckinnon Canon EOS R Review - I'm Switching

Updated Sept 26th - Mat Granger - Canon EOS R Hands on

Updated Sept 26th - FirstLooks - Canon EOS R

Updated Sept 26th - Superadrianme TV - Canon EOS R mirrorless full frame hands on review

Updated Sept 26th - L3 Productions - Why the Canon EOSR R is only the start

Updated Sept 26th - Aaron Andino Photography - Canon EOS R Mirrorless - My Thoughts

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