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EOS R Stop Motion Paid Enhancement
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EOS R Stop Motion Paid Enhancement

Canon has created a specialized firmware set for people that use the EOS R for stop motion work, particularly people that use DragonFrame animation application.

The main point of the update is to dramatically increase the liveview display resolution from 960x640 to 1920x1280.  This change renders a fair amount of other features useless, and "cripples" the overall camera, so it's a pretty customized firmware for those that need the EOS R in a very specialized market segment.  They also added manual focus peaking via USB to assist with the ability to critically focus over liveview.

The features that don't work include;

  1. HDMI output is not available on the EOS R with this firmware installed
  2. High Speed Display can't be used anymore
  3. MF peaking will not show up under specific conditions.

The Press Release from Canon USA;

Stop Motion Animation Firmware

Supercharge Your Stop Motion Animation

Whether pre-installed on a new EOS R or manually installed on an existing EOS R the new Stop Motion Animation upgrade for EOS R cameras increases your Live View resolution to 1920x1280 from Canon's normal of 960x640 when connected to Dragonframe stop motion animation software. This makes it easier for animators to confirm focus and movement within every frame.

Larger Live View

Live view is critical to animators creating stop motion animation films. Animators use the remote live view of the camera to review critical details and make decisions within the Dragonframe software. Canon's Stop Motion Animation firmware increases the Live View to 1920x1280 - helping animators see subtle movement for refined animation.

USB Manual Focus Peaking

Canon has added Manual Focus Peaking over USB to interface with Dragonframe software.

HDMI Output

Important information about EOS R Stop Motion Animation Firmware:
* HDMI output is not available on the EOS R with this firmware installed
* [Disp. performance] cannot be set
* MF peaking will not show up even if [MF peaking settings] is set to [On] under the following conditions:

  • When an EF-S lens is used
  • When [Multiple exposure] is set
  • When [Cropping/aspect ratio] is set to an option other than [FULL]
  • When the shooting screen is magnified
  • When you keep holding down the shutter button after shooting
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