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fstoppers: Here's why Canon doesn't need to innovate
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fstoppers: Here's why Canon doesn't need to innovate

A great article by fstopper's Usman Dawood (quoting us too!), I found it an interesting article and certainly well written and well thought out.  It's certainly worth the read.

I honestly think it's not that Canon doesn't innovate; it's just that the majority of their innovation isn't as breathless as the competition and not hitting what seems to the be the Internet buzz words lately.

Dual pixel autofocus is certainly an excellent innovation from Canon and allows to use a DSLR as a mirrorless by simply flipping the mirror up.  Is it as fast as the blazing speed of an Sony A9? Perhaps not, however, it’s accurate, and smooth to autofocus and it also doesn't seem to suffer from focus shift either.  Essentially, we are moving towards hybrid camera systems with both excellent live view and optical viewfinder AF systems and usability and it's taken for granted way too much by the internet masses.  So many times (some in which we've published here) we read of why people came back to Canon after leaving for Sony, Panasonic and others, and smooth AF during video is one of the compelling technologies that only Canon has seemed to be mastering so far.

Reliability, Support and Service is also something that overall, Canon seems to do better than it's competitors.   That does cost money. It's easy to forget that part of the built-in cost of each camera, is the reliability and the service to fix it when something does go wrong.

Lest we forget, cameras are so good now that we have to quibble over the subtle nuances and exaggerate their importance to our decision-making process.  If you can’t use any modern camera effectively the problem is inherently six inches behind the viewfinder.

Can and should Canon make better, more exciting products? Of course.  However, I feel that Canon is transitioning with technologies and while we have seen a very rapid deployment of DPAF sensors over the last 2.5 years, we will see this occur as well with other technologies that Canon seems to be chasing, such as stacked sensors.  Which will lead to better performing mirrorless cameras, and hopefully much more refined video systems. 

Canon is losing the perception game, and over time, this is a dangerous game to play and lose in.  The longer your products are deemed inferior by public opinion the more those opinions are going to matter.  Part of the negativity is only natural, as people tend to cheer for the underdogs and criticize the leaders and Canon will hopefully for them, never face a time in which they are not considered the top camera company in the industry.   That being said, Canon can do much better at minimizing the amount of negative chatter that is happening around the Internet.

As Usman concluded;

There is, however, a danger that Canon face and that is market sentiment. Canon really needs to improve how it's perceived by releasing cameras that maybe have a few more bells and whistles. Many photographers currently feel let down by Canon, supposedly because they are unwilling to compete. If Canon continues in the way they have over the last couple of years, maybe financial results like these are going to be less frequent for them in the future.



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