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IBIS is real - the R5 and R6 are coming
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IBIS is real - the R5 and R6 are coming

After talking to Craig at CanonRumors, and also checking out the CanonRumors post here on IBIS and the various features of the two bodies the first question that popped into my head (outside of the: OMG, it's all happening), was: the major feature that Canon has been working on is certainly now in the cameras - is the rest of the rumors real?

Before we get into that, from the sounds of it, the EOS R6 and R5 - will have more of Canon's EOS ergonomics and look.  That's always one thing that bothered me a bit about the R and RP, they didn't look like Canon cameras that much.  Consider the hoods that house the pentaprism on the 5D Mark IV and the EVF on the EOS R as illustrated below, as well as the corners.

One of these does not look like the other.

It sounds like Canon is going back to the EOS form, with more rounded corners that make up the more fluid look of a Canon camera.  Some like it, some hate it.  I personally like it.  But it's really the signature look of today's EOS system.

Now about the main stuff - is it all real? Of course, we can't tell - we did crunch the numbers, and as long as Canon has figured out how to conserve battery life (or they have dropped the bit depth in high-speed operations from that of the 1DX Mark III) then it certainly is possible that they could hit all the target points mentioned in the specifications leaked before.  The fact that it's all but confirmed that there an R6 and R5 coming is pretty huge.  Because of the Olympics - I do feel that the R5 will have 8K.  It certainly just makes sense because you need a 40 to 45MP sensor to pull off 8K video (consider the width of the video and the letterboxed cropping).  We should certainly be hearing about more details soon with announcements upcoming in a week.

It's quite possible that with a major feature such as IBIS, Canon has decided to re-think the entire RF lineup, and these two cameras are the first of what they feel are the cameras going forward.

What does IBIS mean for us? Well for starters, you're going to get some serious goodness from having lenses with IS still. As we have shown here, quite a few times, Canon has placed a lot of care and attention into IBIS + IS working together - and I suspect that IBIS + IS was one of the reasons for choosing the RF mount over the EF-M mount.

With the expected announcement, quite possibly next Thursday according to rumor, next week should be very exciting.

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