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Is the Canon EOS RP the next model to come out? | Canon News
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Is the Canon EOS RP the next model to come out?
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Is the Canon EOS RP the next model to come out?

Nokishita has discovered some new information about an accessory called a EG-E1.   This item also comes in three different colors.  Nokishita wonders if this is a battery grip accessory, but it seems unlikely because Canon names their battery grips starting with "BG" and not "EG".  They also dropped the name EOS RP as the potential name for the next camera to come out.

Coming in three colors would certainly signify a lower end model as Canon has quite happily come out with different color schemes for their lower end models.   Canon has already stated that a lower end model is the next EOS R model to come out, we expect to hear some credible rumors shortly as CP+ which is the next show that Canon would show new EOS R related items it starts in a month on February 28th.



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