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Is this the price of the G1X Mark III? | Canon News
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Is this the price of the G1X Mark III?
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Is this the price of the G1X Mark III?

The price of the G1X Mark III is rumored now to be around $1299 USD for the camera.

I see alot of people comparing this to the Sony RX100 series cameras - I'm not sure how you can do that when the Sony's have 1" sensors in them.

The price while high does seem plausible considering there's nothing else out there on the market.  The closest would be the X100F and Ricoh GR II.  The Ricoh is getting long in the tooth, being around 4 years old now, while the X100F is also .. $1299 USD.

If this camera has an APS-C and is relatively compact, it stands alone in the field of compact high end cameras as a compact APS-C zoom.   


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