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Japan BCN Rankings for April are out | Canon News
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Japan BCN Rankings for April are out
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Japan BCN Rankings for April are out

BCN released their monthly report of sales aggregate information for Japan.  BCN collects around 50% of the register receipt information from most retail companies in Japan to form these results.

Canon again, rules the roost, taking once again the top 4 sales positions with the EOS-M50 again the top mirrorless camera in the country sitting at position 3 and 4.

The A6400 looked like it was going to be a worthy challenger but it has slipped a spot and now fell to 7th position, 3rd in the vendor list behind Canon and Olympus.

I have personally never understood the EOS RP when it comes to the monthly rankings.  If we look at the report that we did back in April that showed the marketshare from mid March to mid April, the EOS RP had a significant volume lead over the EOS R.  So you'd think for instance, for the March or the April monthly report, you'd see the EOS RP. However, it simply does not exist.  I know it's mathematically possible, it's just that it's simply pretty improbable that in both of the months in this chart, that the EOS RP misses out of the top 50, but the EOS R makes it.

I've included a PDF download of the March and April results that you can review yourself.

This month's online BCN report can be found here

Regardless of that irregularity, the Sony A7 III once again ruled the kingdom of full frame cameras coming in at position 15 and 18, dominating the field with only the EOS R present at position 29. None of the Panasonic full frame cameras, nor any of the Nikon Z mount cameras made the list.

As we showed in this article here, making much out of the Japan full frame marketshare or leaderboard is a pretty small segment.  However it's good to see if there's any trending besides Sony just cleaning up with the A7 III.

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