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Jared Polin: Canon 1DX Mark III and Sony A9 II AF Compared

Jardin takes a look at the Canon 1DX Mark III against the Sony A9 II.  The big difference is the buffer and the card-writing where the 1DX Mark III walks all over the Sony A9 II.

The Sony A9 II seems to be a bit stickier, but it's really close.  It does appear that Sony's large technological leap with mirrorless AF which some forum pundits claim is 4+ years ahead of Canon and Nikon isn't so much anymore. Of course, Sony also has Animal AF which Canon has nothing of the sort.  Jared still feels that Sony has the overall edge with mirrorless AF.

Jared mentions that Sony will flip into eye AF further away than the 1DX Mark III, however, I'm not really sure of the benefit of eye AF at the distances they are shooting at.  From a rough guess, if they are around 30 feet away shooting at F2.8 at 200mm, that's around 8 inches of DoF.  EyeAF, in my opinion, isn't really helping out much in this case.  There is the confidence factor when you are shooting though and you can see that camera move into eyeAF mode. 

The cheerleader test is pretty much neck and neck.

I'm still not sure why Jared is looking at cases when it appears to me that cases are for OVF AF shooting only.  I could be wrong, could someone comment that has the 1DX Mark III?

Jared mentions as well that AF on/touch-sensitive joystick combination on the 1DX Mark III works extremely well.

It will be 2-3 years before Sony can respond with an A9 Mark III, and by that time Canon will have out a 1 series RF camera.  It could be that Canon isn't that far behind in this race after all.


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