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Kolari Vision announces anti-smudge sensor filters | Canon News
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Kolari Vision announces anti-smudge sensor filters
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Kolari Vision announces anti-smudge sensor filters

Kolari Vision, a leader in infrared and full spectrum camera conversions today announces their newest filter addition, the PRO Anti-Smudge AR coated filters.

Designed to make cleaning your sensor easier than ever before, with improved scratch resistance and causes water, fingerprints, dust and smudges just to fall right off the filter.

Protect your sensor like never before!

From Kolari;

Here at Kolari Vision, we’re proud to be the only infrared camera conversion company to offer IR Centered Anti-Reflective coatings on our infrared sensor filters. Over the years, our users have agreed that AR coatings ensure a higher quality image by reducing stray reflections and hot spots while increasing overall light transmission by 8%. However, we also listened when our users told us how susceptible these filters were to dust, smears, and smudges as well as how downright difficult they were to clean. Taking all of this feedback into account, we’ve improved our infrared glass once again. We’re proud to announce the new Pro Anti-Smudge AR Coated infrared filter, the world’s best infrared conversion filter. This infrared filter glass uses an ultra-smooth, hydrophobic AR coating that increases scratch resistance and causes dust, smudges, fingerprints, water, and even permanent marker to slide right off its surface with minimal effort. These new filters are now available for pre-order with full-frame and APS-C DSLR and mirrorless conversions for Full-Spectrum, 550nm Infrared, and 720nm Infrared. $50 discount if you order on our site before October 23rd!


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