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KolariVision announces the Kolari Pocket | Canon News
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KolariVision announces the Kolari Pocket
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KolariVision announces the Kolari Pocket

Okay, now this I think is really cool.

Kolari has taken ELPH-180 point and shoot cameras that are refurbished so like-new condition and pre-converted them to full spectrum.

They include a special hood adapter so that you can attach filters onto the front of the camera lens, which is mandatory for full spectrum shooting.

The basic kit contains the ELPH-180, a 590nm, 720nm and a hot mirror filter.  Right out of the box you can use this as an IR grab and go camera and shoot either infrared or color photography.

This is the PERFECT IR kit if you just want to experiment with IR, or you also want a small portable take anywhere IR kit.

Check out more at Kolari's website here

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