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Leaked lens details - The F/11's look really cool
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Leaked lens details - The F/11's look really cool

Some details are emerging and our first looks at the F11 super telephotos.  It does appear as if they are collapsable making these quite possibly ultra-compact for travelers.

Some leaked details on the extenders as well;

The 1.4x extenders 7 elements in 4 groups with a size of 71.2x20.3 mm with a 20mm lens ingress, meaning it will not work with RF lenses that have the element at the rear of the lens. It also weighes 225g.

The 2.0x extender is 9 elements in 5 groups, with a size of 71.2x39.3 mm, with 20mm lens ingress and a weight of 340g.

In both cases, the compatible lenses are RF100-500mmL, RF600mm, and RF800mm.  It appears as if the RF 70-200 for obvious reasons (the rear element position) is not supported.

I was sort of hoping that Canon got lazy with their earlier images and that the extenders shown were not the RF teleconverters, but it appears as if they were.

The Canon RF 85mm F2.0 Macro IS STM specifications are briefly;

12 lens elements in 11 groups (including 1 UD lens), minimum shooting distance 0.35m, maximum shooting magnification 0.5x, image stabilization effect 5.0 steps, filter diameter 67mm, size 78x90.5mm and it weighs 500g.

The Canon RF 100-500mm brief specifications are;

20 elements in 14 groups (including 1 super UD lens and 6 UD lenses), minimum shooting distance 0.9m (wide-angle end), maximum shooting Magnification 0.33 times (telephoto end), camera shake correction effect 5 steps, filter diameter 77 mm, size φ 93.8 mm x 207.6 mm, weight 1370 g, ASC, fluorine coating

The Canon RF 800mm F11 specifications are;

11 elements in 8 groups (including DO lens), minimum shooting distance 6.0m, maximum shooting magnification 0.14x, camera shake correction effect 4.0 steps, filter diameter 95mm, size φ101.6x281. It seems to be 281mm (when retracted)/351.8mm (when shooting) and weighs 1260g

The Canon RF 600mm F11 specifications are;

10 elements in 7 groups (including DO lens), minimum shooting distance of 4.5 m, maximum shooting magnification of 0.14 times, camera shake correction effect of 5.0 steps, filter diameter 82 mm, size φ 93 x 199.5 mm (When retracted)/269.5mm (when shooting), it seems to weigh 930g.

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