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Lenses and flash show up for certification | Canon News
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Lenses and flash show up for certification

Lenses and flash show up for certification

Today nokishita-camera found 2 lenses and a flash that has been applied for certification, on top of the 2 DSLR and 1 powershot camera previously mentioned.

Previously mentioned Camera - DS 126701

  • Single-lens reflex camera
  • SKU: 3011C001AA, 3011C002AA, 3011C003AA
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Wi-Fi installed (Bluetooth not installed)
  • Size: W129.0 mm × H 101.6 mm × D 77.1 mm

Previously mentioned Camera - DS 126741

  • Single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi installed (Bluetooth not installed)

Previously mentioned Powershot Camera - PC 2328

  • Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • New wireless module installed ( WM 600 )

Interchangeable lens 1

  • SKU: 2309C005AA
  • made in Japan

Interchangeable lens 2

  • SKU: 2439C005AA
  • made in Japan?

DS 401141

  • Electronic flash
  • SKU: 1757C003

Canon in the past has done late November, early December announcements however they are rare. It's more likely we will see the powershot at CES and the rest of the gear later in February.  While certifications can happen quite close to release, they can also be 6-9 months in advance.

Canon's better lenses are made in Japan, that includes L and non-L premier or higher grade lenses.

The country of manufacturer has been wrong before with Nokishita.  We know that a 24-70 IS USM is in the works, and Canon clearly needs more lenses on the EF-M front (they are usually made in Malaysia or Taiwan).  However it's almost impossible to guess what these two lenses are at this time.

It's also difficult to guess what the flash may be; 

  • The MR-14EX II stands out as not having radio triggers, however, it's only 3.5 years old, so very unlikely.
  • The 270EX II is also without radio triggers, and still at a Mark II so there's potential it will be upgraded much like the 480EX and 600EX.


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