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Magic Lantern booted on the EOS R! | Canon News
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Magic Lantern booted on the EOS R!
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Magic Lantern booted on the EOS R!

Just in case you were bemoaning the state of the video on the EOS R, there may be hope for you yet.

It seems that with A1ex of Magic Lantern fame and EOSHD has successfully managed to get a bootloader to execute on the EOS R.  That's the first step to getting a fully running Magic Lantern port running.  You can be pretty sure that the EOS R will be a high priority to get working now that it appears to be successfully loaded.


A1ex at Magic Lantern recently sent along two firmware files for the EOS R which have been successfully tested on the 5D Mark IV and 80D.

Based on the same boot-loader in the Canon 80D, one of the firmware files is supposed to probe the camera in a first attempt to find the address of the LED light as a marker (and more). Once the LED flashes, that gives away the address of the GPIO attached to it and thus the first stage of controlling the rest of the camera can begin – executing more code on the processor can be attempted in the normal way. The file also tries to probe registers that are present on other Canon bodies, with the results being noticeable on the LCD if they do anything on the EOS R.

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