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MapCamera: EOS R wins out over the Z6 in Japan. | Canon News
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MapCamera: EOS R wins out over the Z6 in Japan.
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MapCamera: EOS R wins out over the Z6 in Japan.

Map camera is a large camera store in Japan, so it's a good look at the more enthusiast buying patterns in Japan.  It is, however, a limited look into one partiticular store in Japan.

For the month of December, Sony rules taking first and third place overall with the A7III and the A7RIII.  Canon remains strong, with a second place showing for the EOS R, and a 9th place showing for the EOS M50.  Nikon's only mirrorless to crack the top 10 was the Z6 at forth place.

As we suggested in another article about BCN today, there are good reasons for why Canon and Nikon aren't immediately dominating the full frame mirrorless market, but I'm sure it's a worry to both companies that Sony is leading in some sections overall, even when you consider DSLR's.  The lone DSLR to crack the top 10 was the D850, and no Canon DSLR's.  The article mentions that the 5D Mark IV hasn't appeared in the top 10 since August of 2018.

The article also goes into the used sales, and I amusingly find it interesting that the A7 III leads both categories, new sales and used sales. What that seems to indicate that there is alot of trying and selling of the A7 III or migrating to either Canon or Nikon's mirrorless full frame options.  A new camera that people love that only has been out for 8 months shouldn't have alot of used cameras for sale, especially if people were happy with the camera.




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