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Mirrorless related announcement set for Feb 14th. | Canon News
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Mirrorless related announcement set for Feb 14th.
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Mirrorless related announcement set for Feb 14th.

Apparently, Canon wants to wish you a happy valentine's day, with a major announcement associated with their mirrorless cameras.  Right now we don't know if it's the EOS R firmware, lenses, or the entry-level EOS RF camera that Canon says is coming next.

There are some sources that suggest that the next camera coming out is the high-resolution model, even though Canon has stated pretty clearly that the entry-level model is coming next.

We also know that Canon is coming out with a F2.8 trinity of lenses for the EOS RF mount this year, as they have stated that in the past.  The trinity would be the 16-35,24-70 and 70-200.  All of which we have found patents for the various lenses.

We're not sure about the high resolutino camera coming out next.  Granted, there's nothing really stopping Canon from putting a 62MP or so DPAF sensor into an EOS R camera, and calling it good - however, we don't know if DIGIC 8 has the performance necessary to drive such a sensor at reasonable frames per second.  62MP would be a 24MP APS-C sensor scaled up to full frame. Since Canon has had 24MP DPAF APS-C sensors with good dynamic range for a while now, it's certainly doable.

If the release date is a little more than 2 weeks away we would expect credible leaks to start appearing soon.

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