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Need 1EV more highlight room from your 5D Mark IV? FastRawViewer has the tool
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Need 1EV more highlight room from your 5D Mark IV? FastRawViewer has the tool

FastRawViewer and the RAWDigger team has made an utlity to split up the Dual Pixel RAW files from the 5D Mark IV.

The advantage of that is that a normal dual pixel AF sensor raw file both halfs of the pixel.  Let's call them A and B.  A normal raw file is A+B sides of the pixel, whereas the dual pixel raw file in the 5D Mark IV contains two seperate raw files, one with A, the other with A+B.

What this means is that the A raw file is underexposed by 1 EV since it's really just half of a normal pixel size.

This was at least for now, an unintended benefit to the 5D Mark IV unseen in any Canon camera (and any other camera for that matter).

This allows you to blend in the highlights from the A file into your normal A+B image, giving you 1 extra stop lattitude where  you clip highlights.

This tool will take the dual pixel RAW file and split it into two DNG files that you can use in lightroom or your raw editor of choice, with the one RAW file 1 stop underexposed.

If you use this technique, the 5D Mark IV gains around 1 stop of usable DR making it one of the highest DR lattitude cameras in the 35mm realm.  Unlike bracketting or even pixel shift methods, this happens all in one exposure eliminating motion blur.

There will be slight parallax error in between the two images, so be prepared to mask and edit selectively between the two files.

Get the tool and learn more about it here

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