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New Rumor: 2019 Roadmap and a odd EOS R camera coming
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New Rumor: 2019 Roadmap and a odd EOS R camera coming

An article today from Canon Rumors states re-iterates the fact that a 90D and an EOS M camera is coming this August from Canon.   They assume that this camera is going to be specced well enough to replace both the 90D and the 7D Mark III (even though we have our doubts this will be the case).

As well, they state that the EOS M will see some love, with a new camera - this has been rumored in the past to be a M5 replacement.

Nothing really new about those two cameras, it's been talked about before.  Perhaps even a bit too much :)   Replacing the 90D and the M5 at the same time makes sense, because there's a good chance that these two cameras will share much of the same characteristics.

What seems intriguing is that the rumor then goes on to say that the Canon is releasing another EOS R which is a bit of "head scratcher".

The same source tells us that a new EOS R camera is coming later in 2019 and that it is a “head scratcher”, and not at all what anyone is expecting. 

What kind of camera could it be.  We know that the four usual suspects when people talk about future EOS R cameras are;

  1. High Resolution Camera
  2. More PRO 5D Mark IV-like camera
  3. Sports model aka 20-24MP high FPS and great tracking or 1 series aka the Sony A9 competitor
  4. Video focused aka 12MP 4K full width Sony A7S II like camera

If Canon rolled out all of those, it would be likely that there would be little in the way of people complaining about Canon EOS R cameras and what's available.  Except they may still be complaining about the price of them :)

However, those are the usual subjects and this apparently is out of left field.  Canon has been known to do such things in the past, as an example the XC10/15 was an oddball video camera that attempted to do well as a run and gun video camera with a stills component.

We have seen XC10 like patent applications with an ILC mount, perhaps something akin to that? not a stills camera, but more a CINI product?

That wouldn't be a head scratcher though.

WIth the upcoming Pansonic S1H and the upcoming Nikon firmware for the Z6 and Z7 cameras to offer RAW video, Canon is getting killed on the video front when it comes to mirrorless.  The Sony A7S III is also supposed to be something quite special.  But this would make more common sense versus be a puzzlement.

It will be interesting to see what kind of niche Canon is looking at filling with this purported camera, however, one thing strikes me as odd.

Why would you fill a slight niche (so slight it's a head scratcher) and then also drop a popular 7D Mark III. Food for thought.

What do you think this camera could be? I'd love to hear your comments.

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