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New Rumor: 90D and 7D Mark III to merge as one DSLR
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New Rumor: 90D and 7D Mark III to merge as one DSLR

A new rumor has surfaced that what would have been the 7D Mark III and the 90D will end up being just one DSLR.  We have heard reports of Canon reducing this lineup in the past, so there's nothing really new about this rumor.  In a way, this rumor makes a whole lot of sense, as the 90D specifications would ultimately end up being very close to what the 7D Mark III spec would end up being.  Also, the super rebels, such as the successor to the 77D needs more room to move upwards as well, and that would be hard if there is two APS-C DSLR's sitting above it.  This would make the xxD series and the 7D series complete a full circle as the line was originally split after the 50D with the 60D and the 7D.  

The competition for the APS-C space also makes it difficult to sell two cameras, and to create enough gap between the feature sets and still sell both well.  There are very competitive mirrorless cameras such as the X-T30 and the A6400 being released for under $1000.   Full frame cameras are coming down in price as just shown by Canon's own EOS RP.  It stands to reason that there may be casualities in Canon's lineup, not to mention with their new focus being the RF mount.

So what would that mean to the "new 7D Mark III" as it's most likely to be called? It would get the best of both cameras, so possibly the fully articulating touch screen that the 80D now has, and the higher end ergonomics of the 7D Mark II.  The build quality and weather sealing would all come from the 7D series.


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