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New Rumor: Another R camera coming in 2020
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New Rumor: Another R camera coming in 2020

There's a new rumor about a new RF mount camera coming in 2020.  No details are given, and Craig from CanonRumors suspects it may be a CINI RF mount camera instead of an actual R camera. I could certainly see the demand for an RF mount, IBIS capable 8K CINI camera with none of the petty heating problems of the R5.

While this is certainly a possibility, another possibility is the one missing R camera from the prosumer / professional line which is the high megapixel version of the R5 which we call the R5s.  While the R5 sits comfortably with the Z 7, it doesn't sit well against the Sony A7R IV.  Canon isn't one to let the high megapixel crown sit with someone else for very long, and with the extreme processor in DIGIC X available and new processes that allow for fast sensors, I can't see this crown staying with Sony past this year.

While there's more to moving a 32.4MP sensor to full frame than simply "upscaling".  Because the actual fabrication was in the past entirely different between full frame and asp-c sensors in the Canon lineup.  It could be that Canon changed that with the latest sensors in the 1DX Mark III and R5/R6.  If that's the case, it's entirely probable that the "step" to make an 80 to 100mp DPAF high-performance sensor is well within Canon's targets.  If not, then making a full frame DPAF sensor could be still problematic for Canon.

We have been told of an upcoming high-resolution R in 2020 in the past, but it's difficult to match whispers to the delays caused by the COVID-19 disruption to both supply lines and personal.

We shall see - I'm personally hoping for my R5s ;)


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