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New Rumor: Canon cancels at least one DSLR project | Canon News
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New Rumor: Canon cancels at least one DSLR project
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New Rumor: Canon cancels at least one DSLR project

A new rumor has started that Canon has canceled at least one DSLR project heading into 2019, and will be replacing it with an upcoming EOS R mirrorless camera instead.  Meanwhile, Canon has aggressive plans for the APS-C DSLR's next year.

This rumor makes alot of sense to me, as Canon will be focusing it's full frame energy on the new RF mount for the time being and they still need the successful rebel, 80D and 7D Mark II lineup to sell cameras.  Both the 80D and the 7D Mark II are due for an upgrade.  Even though I'm sure some thought went into whether or not these cameras should be EOS M or EF-S, Canon always seems to be perfectly fine with letting lines compete with each other, as long as you purchase Canon.  Canon will most likely continue to let the EOS-M and the EF-S cameras compete against each other for their APS-C market share.  Of course, this could all change if Canon does indeed come out with an EOS RF APS-C camera model, however, we feel this is a long shot at this time.  There's only so many things that Canon can do at the same time, and possibly only so many things they should do.

We should also mention that on the EOS-M front, at least two cameras are due for an upgrade, that being the M5 and M6 camera bodies.  Both need the more advanced AF of either the EOS R series cameras or at the very least, what the M50 already has.  They will also need more advanced 4K than the M50 to be competitive in the marketplace at their respective price points.  With the noticeable deep price discounts of the M5 and M6 this holiday season, it's a sure sign that they aren't moving as quickly as what Canon would like.

Lost in the breathless release of the EOS R was what has happened to the 120MP DSLR that Canon promised over 3 years ago that was in development.  This is a camera that we feel that would be switched to an EOS R mirrorless simply because it makes more sense for this camera to be mirrorless than it does a DSLR because of the EOS R's more precise autofocus, and lack of mirror slap.

Canon rumors goes on to suggest something similar in their article;

As for the DSLR that was potentially scrapped during development? We’d put our money on the EOS 5DS line of bodies. We really don’t think a DSLR sequel is coming for that series and that we’ll get an EOS R body instead.

Indeed, we are hoping it's this as well because it's certainly on our buy list for next year if it's released.

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