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New Rumor: Canon go to wider than 16mm on the RF mount | Canon News
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New Rumor: Canon go to wider than 16mm on the RF mount
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New Rumor: Canon go to wider than 16mm on the RF mount

From several interviews from Canon, it's known that Canon is going to focus next on a trinity of 2.8 zooms for the RF mount.  Long considered the staple of professional photographers, the 2.8 zooms are certainly necessary for the RF mount, fast.

Atypically, the 2.8 zooms consist of an ultra wide-angle zoom, a normal zoom, and a telephoto zoom.  Usually, these are 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 in Canon's world.

This latest rumor suggests that Canon is going to go wider than 16mm on the ultra-wide lens.   We have seen patent applications for wider, and also more exotic zooms, however, we feel that's not it.  Canon has in the EF mount boxed around Nikon's legendary 14-24 2.8 with 16-35 and also the 11-24mm lens.  Perhaps now they are taking a good look and deciding to make a 14-24 to round out the 2.8 trinity of lenses.

While it's altogether possible that Canon is shooting for the stars when it comes to the RF mount, one problem with this rumor is that filters come into play.  Usually, with the EF mount, 16-35 is a nice focal range because it allows the use of filters.   Lower than 15mm, filters are more difficult to use because you have to use large square filters and adapters on the front of the lens that dramatically increases the bulk of the lens.

So while it's possible that Canon comes out first with a signature RF ultra wide lens, we also feel that Canon will also come out with a 16-35 or something similar as well, perhaps at a later date.

What we also hope is that Canon spends some resources making what Nikon is doing right now; a small F/4.0 zoom set of ultra wide, normal zoom and tele zoom.  While the 2.8 lenses are exotic and usually the best technology that Canon can put into a lens, the lenses are also, bigger, heavier and far more expensive than their F4.0 cousins.






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