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New Rumor: Canon is going to actually do a 14-21 1.4 | Canon News
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New Rumor: Canon is going to actually do a 14-21 1.4
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New Rumor: Canon is going to actually do a 14-21 1.4

There's a new rumor going around about what is next for Canon in 2020 in terms of lenses.  The rumor suggests that Canon is going to do some crazy lenses in 2020, after the six that they announced last month are completed. 

We were the first to find the "craziest", the 14-21 1.4 zoom lens, that, according to the rumor is one of the ones that may be coming out in 2020.

The rumor also suggests that a prime lens with similarly awe-inspiring specifications will be released as well.

The fact that Canon is doing this should come as no great surprise.  Canon didn't waste too much time in coming out with the EF 50mm 1.0 and the EF 85mm 1.2 (both released in 1989) during the initial years of the EF mount, as an example of what they could do with the EF mount.


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