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New Rumor: Canon R5 will have a hotshoe upgrade
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New Rumor: Canon R5 will have a hotshoe upgrade

CanonRumors recently has whispered a rumor that the R5 may have a paid upgrade that would allow users to upgrade to the new hotshoe (now called the accessory shoe) that is in the R3 and the XF605.  This new accessory shoe is most likely on every future Canon professional camera and camcorder system from now on, including the R5c which is the rumored upcoming "cinema" version of the R5.

While this would make sense from the connectivity standpoint; this may be an expensive upgrade. If Canon did all the internal work on the mainboard to support the power, audio, video data requirements of the accessory shoe it could be a simple matter of supporting the connectivity to the accessory shoe.  If they did, not then we're talking a mainboard replacement and top housing replacement, which doesn't sound trivial or inexpensive.

In any case, there is no free lunch, and this would be a paid upgrade service similar to the CLOG upgrade offered in prior Canon cameras.  However, at least with this one, there would be no second-guessing if it was just a "firmware switch" to turn on the feature ;)

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