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New Rumor: Canon to come out with 100mp Canon RF mount camera and IBIS? | Canon News
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New Rumor: Canon to come out with 100mp Canon RF mount camera and IBIS?
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New Rumor: Canon to come out with 100mp Canon RF mount camera and IBIS?

A new rumor has surfaced, about Canon releasing a possible 100mp camera and also adding IBIS into future cameras. Canon is the last manufacturer to not have IBIS in the camera body, and after Nikon released their IBIS, you can be sure that Canon will respond.  Canon has suggested in multiple interviews that they are fully aware of IBIS and are in the active development of it.  Just recently there was this interview with imaging-resource stating from Canon;

We are keenly aware of what customers are asking for, such as 4K without crop factor, faster frame rate, in-body image stabilization (IBIS) and an extended product lineup with Canon Log. While I cannot specify a timeline at this point, these are all features we are aware of and are working on.

We have been suggesting an over 100mp camera coming out from Canon for a while now.  Actually, Canon is the one that said it was coming out, in this development announcement back in September 2015, when Canon stated;

Featuring a resolution of approximately 120 effective megapixels, the SLR camera now being developed will incorporate a Canon-developed high-pixel-density CMOS sensor within the current EOS-series platform, which will realize compatibility with the Company's diverse interchangeable EF lens lineup.

It would make sense that Canon would take that development and migrate it to the RF mount, instead of the EF mount.  This has been camera technology that Canon has actively demonstrated now for years as well, so we fully expect Canon to do something in this regard with the RF mount.  DLO in camera with it's ability to deconvolute the effects of diffraction will be quite handy on such a camera body, and only recently has DLO been able to run in camera, perhaps another sign that related technologies are getting lined up for such a camera to be released.

What we don't expect is either of these technologies to be implemented in the next camera, which Canon has already suggested is an entry level model.  Expect this on cameras either later in 2019 or early 2020.


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