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New Rumor: Canon's manufacturing delays are ending soon
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New Rumor: Canon's manufacturing delays are ending soon

New information from CanonRumors has Canon's manufacturing delays ending in March. CanonRumors suggests that we won't see much in the first half of 2021 from Canon.

While I can certainly see that happening as the world turns the corner on COVID and I'm sure Canon has worked hard to adjust their supply chains, it doesn't explain the entire lack of announcements or even credible leaks from Canon.  Even Pentax has more leaks and information out there than Canon right now.  Yes. Pentax.  I was surprised they still make cameras.  Supply chain issues don't affect announcements. Canon can and has in the past simply extended out the release date of the products they are announcing.  It could be that Canon has something big planned and they are keeping it very close to HQ.   From what I heard, Canon was not terribly impressed with the leaks on the R5 and R6, and perhaps are holding information much tighter than other times.

With the Olympics in late July to early August, Canon could conceivably announce and deliver the R1 and associated RF super-telephoto lenses to professionals for the games in the second half of the year.  With the Sony Alpha 1 - not doing anything before the games will certainly hurt their chances of making their stated objective of having over 75% of the camera equipment in the games. Would Canon wait until June to announce such a camera? They may. It depends on if they are waiting for Nikon to announce theirs first.  But with the Alpha 1 already out, I think Canon at least would do a development announcement well before the Olympics.  Since development announcements usually don't contain alot of details, that still would allow Canon to adjust the product to match Nikon.

We shall see. It seems odd going into CP+ that we still haven't heard a pin drop from Canon.


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