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New Rumor: IBIS coming to the EOS-M lineup
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New Rumor: IBIS coming to the EOS-M lineup

CanonRumors is reporting a new rumor that expands on the two EOS-M bodies that were rumored recently.

One camera is expected to be the follow up to the high successful M50, which is facing increased competition this year, the other camera is expected to sit above the M6 Mark II.  The source claims that this camera will most likely be an entirely new model and not a M5 Mark II, and it will also have IBIS.  Could it be an M7? A weather-sealed professional camera made to use EF super telephotos with the advantages of mirrorless? Since 7D pundits tell me they don't use anything but super telephotos, then an EF-M ecosystem certainly wouldn't be a problem.  It would be a curious decision.

Canon's IBIS is a very sophisticated system, and when combined with lens IS, there's a raft of communication that occurs between the lens and the camera.  Since the EOS-M system and its lenses were developed before Canon developed IBIS, if we do see IBIS do not expect the full-featured IBIS+IS that we will see on the RF system that literally stops, well the world from moving at 8 stops of IS.  While Digital IS does have some communication between camera and camera, there's just a lot more data chatter between the lens and the camera with Canon's IBIS+IS. For example, the actual lens IS system has to tell the camera where they are moving, and what area of the sensor is being illuminated after lens IS moves the image circle.  The level of complexity of the IBIS+IS solution that Canon has developed is significant.  Which is probably why they are boasting it can do up to 8 stops of stabilization.  A more "pedestrian" 5 stops would most likely be what the EOS-M system would have.  I'd love to be proven wrong on this (and I have been proven wrong many times) - but I would prefer to write on the side of caution and set reasonable expectations.  

This was a low quality rumor from CanonRumors, so we'll see what happens with it - but the chatter is starting to pick up with the EOS-M system.


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