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New Rumor: New EOS-M Camera bodies coming August 2019
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New Rumor: New EOS-M Camera bodies coming August 2019

A new rumor has surfaced that new camera bodies are coming for the EOS-M mount.  The rumor goes on to state that the EOS-M lineup will ultimately end up consisting of the M500, M50 and M5 Mark II.

While it's good news if the EOS-M lineup especially the M5 gets an update, as it will approach 3 years in September which makes it one of the oldest still in production mirrorless cameras that haven't been superseded by a more modern model.   The question is, is it just an M50 warmover or does it sport something new?

At the worst, I think we'll see what the SL3 did - which is a M50 warmover.  That includes updating to M50's AF system, DIGIC 8, CR3 RAW, and other improvements such as real time WIFI file copy that the M5 currently does not support.  At best, we have an entirely new sensor and image processing and hopefully the start of a new sensor generation from Canon.  There is not much in terms of a middle ground between those two possibilities.

Personally, I think this is probable, but pessimistically if this happens where the M500 and M5 come out at the same time, I think we're going to see an M50 warmover of both cameras.  I hope I'm wrong.

For those that think it's easy for Canon to create a much better camera than the M5 or even the M50 in terms of feature sets, it's not.  There's a lot of things that Canon needs to do before they get there, which possibly includes both a faster DIGIC 8 (maybe a DIGIC 8+) and also a faster sensor with imrpoved readout rates so that it's capable of reading the sensor faster so that DIGIC can process 4K on a much bigger sensor area than the current crop factor that we see now.  Is Canon ready for that? Don't know.

Also with this rumor is the news that two new EF-M lenses may appear as well.  We're personally hoping for a 50 1.4 to go alongside the 32mm 1.4 and an improved kit lens more suited for Canon's flagship APS-C mirrorless camera (think 15-45 2.8-4), but to be honest, we haven't seen much in the way of credible lenses that I would think would be the next to be released by Canon, and no leaks of any new lenses prior to this.


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