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New Rumor: The EOS-M isn't dead yet
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New Rumor: The EOS-M isn't dead yet

A new rumor from CanonWatch claims that the EOS-M isn't dying like has been previously reported, but is simply going to slow down in 2021 because of supply chain issues.

I usually find CanonRumors to be a more credible rumor source, but this rumor does make a lot of sense.

Right now Canon can't for love, nor money make enough EOS R5's and ship them out to waiting consumers.  It's all hands on deck doing nothing but making EOS R5's and getting them out the door.  We are six months after shipping started and it is still continually backordered.

Even though the EOS-M's are different than the R5's - it's possible that they share enough of the same common components that are causing supply issues with Canon right now.  If Canon has a choice between shipping out a $4000 camera or a $599 camera, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which way the wind is going to blow.

Some people are taking the false narrative that because Canon doesn't seem actively interested in making an ecosystem to suit them, that they are killing it off.  Canon considers the EOS-M and EF-S I am imagining to be one in the same.  Canon never cared that if you purchased EF-S lenses, you were screwed if you moved to full frame.  They made a very conscious decision that to create smaller EF-S lenses, they had to remove full frame compatibility. At the same time over the last decade Canon has shown little interest in developing any serious EF-S lenses, and the ones they had developed 15 or so years ago certainly needed Mark II's developed, that never came.

I suspect that is why we saw such an M50 Mark II come out.  Not because they were killing it off, because they basically didn't want to have any supply chain issues by giving the M50 a serious makeover. Keeping all the same M50 parts most likely made things a lot easier.

I'm not sure if this rumor is true, but for me, it makes a lot more sense than the "Killing off the EOS-M, making an RF APS-C camera body and forcing you to use full frame lenses" rumor.

Of course, if that RF APS-C rumor is indeed true, then we are going to live basically with this Canon view.


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