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New Rumor: Two possible EOS R's in the pipeline
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New Rumor: Two possible EOS R's in the pipeline

A new rumor has surfaced that Canon has two cameras in the 2020 pipeline for the R mount.

  1. A high-resolution EOS R that we've been talking about a lot in here somewhere around 60 to 80MP and meant for those landscape and studio shooters that crave the resolution.  A pretty specific camera, not meant for general usage like a 5D Mark IV equivalent body would be.
  2. A lower resolution camera with higher frame rates.  Also, an updated sensor is mentioned.  A more professional camera body as well, the rumor suggests this would be 7D-like in performance (but not APS-C).  I liken this to be a Z6/S1 and A7 III competing camera body, more than the EOS R is.  A new DIGIC chip and possibly a new sensor is pretty much required for this camera for Canon to pull it off and match the other full frame cameras in this category.  Also to consider is the video performance, where Canon really needs to up its game to make the video performance on par with the competition.

Well, there's a lot that makes sense in this rumor.  We've known that Canon sooner or later will have to address what is happening in the S1/A7 III/Z6 competition and also what is happening with the S1R/A7RIII/Z7 grouping as well.  To do this right now is most likely a problem for Canon, as the current generation of sensors has a pretty slow read out speed limiting the 4K to a heavy crop on the sensor.  DIGIC can't process depth information quickly enough for AF calculations that exceed 5 frames per second on the EOS R.  To do a high speed R camera, is going to require some work.

As we've mentioned before a high resolution camera most likely doesn't need to focus on video that much, if at all.  This is a camera that with some work Canon could make run with the current generation of DIGIC and the current generations of sensors it has today.  a 62MP full frame sensor has the same pixel pitch as the 80D sensor, making it a good choice for a high resolution sensor in terms of dynamic range and ISO noise.

As also the rumor suggests, a flagship EOS R mirrorless based cameras is probably the last camera that Canon will do, as the rumor states, "We’re told that there is a general feeling professional sports shooters (and other professional EOS-1D shooters) will be the last to embrace mirrorless cameras across the board".  It's difficult to argue with this.  It took Sony basically 3 generations of cameras to have the technology in place to make a Sony A9.  While Canon will have to catch up, and fast, it's certainly a camera they are not capable of making, right now.

Current there's no solid information, simply rumors - stay tuned to see if anything else comes out in the subsequent months ahead.


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