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New Rumor: What's in store for the rest of 2019
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New Rumor: What's in store for the rest of 2019

So far this year, Canon has started with a bang in the Canon RF mount, announcing the RP and also 6 new RF lenses.

The rest of the year, according to this rumor is about updating the older product lines.

This rumor also fits in with this one where the high resolution model EOS R is not being released this year.

We have long maintained that once DIGIC 8 got out into the wild with h.264 4K video that Canon would replace most of their cameras and up the specifications to some sort of internal 4K.  With all other manufacturers offering most of their cameras with some sort of 4K options, Canon's cameras are starting to look a bit dated with video.  The rebel lineup needs DIGIC 8 refreshers with some sort of 4K option available to them, not to mention the 80D camera body.  All of them are facing stiff competition from mirrorless options which happily include 4K and advanced features.

We know that sooner or later the powershots especially the G7X Mark III are indeed coming.  The body of the G7X Mark III has already been leaked.  What the rumors in the past suggested was that this will be a Canon DPAF 1" sensor making its debut. That would be a landmark sensor if this is the case because it would be the equivalent of a 150MP full frame sensor resolution, something that Canon hasn't put into production. We know that Canon has at least some facilities at 130nm while their main facilities seem to be now running at 180nm.  The smaller design rules of 130nm would give the sensor increased efficiency when dealing with such small pixels.  It could very well be that the hold up is getting the sensor fabricated.  This release will have me personally the most interested as it will potentially show the next generation of sensors coming out from Canon.

While the releases may not be as exciting as a new EOS R high MP edition or an EOS R 5D professional edition, these are all necessary updates that Canon simply must do.  They also may show us the next generation of sensors from Canon.

With all the major trade shows happening in the first half of 2020, it also makes sense to keep the major product announcements for those shows, versus having no products to announce at the major shows.

These future plans are always in a state of flux.  I would imagine that they are even in a state of flux in Canon Inc.  Canon lately seems to be getting VERY good at keeping their plans tightly contained until the very last minute, and I would expect that to continue.


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