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Next EOS RF camera may be $1599 at launch | Canon News
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Next EOS RF camera may be $1599 at launch
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Next EOS RF camera may be $1599 at launch

In another, this is obvious rumor, a source has suggested that the next EOS R, a camera that Canon has already said is coming out, will be around $1599.

Canon has always made sure they cater to the entry level, and the EOS RF mount will be no different.  It's likely that this will have some form of the 6D Mark II sensor (so don't expect class leading DR), with perhaps adjusted microlenses for mirrorless.  Essentially similar to what they did with the Canon EOS R and the 5D Mark IV sensor that is in it.  Also, expect a more rebel like camera body.

I see some wishful thinking that because the EOS M50 had elements that were not in the EOS M5 that we should expect new things in the entry level EOS R.  I wouldn't expect it at all.  The reason is that the time between the EOS R and this entry level camera is 6 months apart, they will have been developed at the same time.  The M50 and M5 were essentially a generation apart in DIGIC and capabilities.  

We imagine that Canon will also come out with a new kit lens, and hopefully some other RF STM lenses.  Like they did with APS-C and full frame on the EF mount, Canon needs several different lens lineups to round out the RF mount.   Compounding this problem though is the fact that Canon has even stated in their financials that they want to focus on high profit lenses.


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