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Optical Limits tests the Canon RF 50mm 1.2L | Canon News
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Optical Limits tests the Canon RF 50mm 1.2L
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Optical Limits tests the Canon RF 50mm 1.2L

OpticalLimits (formerly PhotoZone.de) has finished their first review of the Canon RF system, this using the Canon RF 50mm 1.2L

From thier conclusions;

Let's start with a disclaimer: Any verdict has to be very preliminary at this stage - it's our first review using the EOS R after all. Also, keep in mind that the 30-megapixel sensor is rather average in terms of resolution today.

That all being said, it is quite obvious that the Canon RF 50mm f/1.2 USM L is an awesome lens ... with a similar awe-inspiring price tag. In relation to other lenses in this class, the performance is already superb at f/1.2. Yes, the outer image region is not truly stellar but it's impressive nonetheless. The image quality is extreme at medium aperture settings - across the image frame that is. Low lateral CAs contribute to the very high image quality perception. Image distortions are generally no issue. Vignetting is though - at least in its uncorrected state.

Given its optical and mechanical qualities ... as well as its uniqueness in the EOS R system ... it is, of course, easy to highly recommend the Canon RF 50mm f/1.2 USM L ... assuming that you can afford it at least.

Read the entire review here

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