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PetalPixel: How CPS Saved the Day and My Photo Job | Canon News
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PetalPixel: How CPS Saved the Day and My Photo Job
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PetalPixel: How CPS Saved the Day and My Photo Job

It’s too easy to get caught up with the latest breathless release from various manufacturers, not to mention the ever present race to compare specification sheets.  In those times, we tend to forget the intangibles that make Canon great at doing what they do.

This a great article from Dave Reid on how CPS went the extra mile when his 1DX Mark II faulted out during an event.

Great respect goes to CPS Australia on going the extra mile (or in this case an hour away) for a CPS member in time of need.

As David shares;

I opened up the box to find a new 1D X Mark II all ready to use from Canon Professional Services… only 1.5 hours after calling to troubleshoot the issue. Colin had organized an express courier to deliver the camera to the racetrack — you could just imagine the shock on my face. Service like this just doesn’t happen anymore.

It’s one thing to have a supportive customer service to liaise with the professional shooters, but to go out of their way like this is next level, and it is great to see that there still is some good old-fashioned customer service out there.

Read the entire article here… 

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