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PhotographyBlog: Canon M50 Review | Canon News
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PhotographyBlog: Canon M50 Review
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PhotographyBlog: Canon M50 Review

PhotographyBlog today has released their comprehensive review of the Canon EOS-M50.

Their conclusions are critical of the 4K implementation but otherwise found the camera a capable performer.

What could have been a vlogger's dream ticket, for example, falls well short of the pre-release hype thanks to a crippled 4K mode. Canon made lots of noise about the camera's 4K capability, but "forgot" to mention several important caveats that render it at best difficult to use, at worse almost impossible. As the first Canon mirrorless camera to offer 4K recording, the EOS M50 is simply a disappointment.

If you only want or need to shoot in 1080p, though, things look a lot better, and combined with the excellent stills quality, the EOS M50 becomes a serious proposition again, especially given the surprisingly affordable price-tag. So the choice between 4K and 1080p will be crucial for many would-be buyers - if you need the former, look elsewhere, if you don't, then seriously consider the M50.

Read the full review here

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