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Possibility two new EOS-M cameras in 2020
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Possibility two new EOS-M cameras in 2020

A new rumor from CanonRumors surfaced today about the possibility of two new Canon EOS-M cameras, the M7 and the M50 Mark II.  This rumor was also not validated, so consider it a total rumor, but there's been talk before about a "high end" EOS-M and a M50 Mark II, so this is really nothing that exceptional.

The M7 will be an EF-M mount 7D camera, with dual card slots and as CanonRumors puts it; "all the bells and whistles" including IBIS.  It's expected to be released in forth quarter 2020, which means that if that is true, we should be hearing some very credible rumors soon because the announcement would be in August or September.  Could it be the 7D mirrorless camera that people have been wanting? I'm not sure the birding photographers would agree with an EOS-M camera, but if the ergonomics are good, and the performance is top tier - and their main investments are EF super telephotos, for at least the short term - does it really matter?  I mean the M6 Mark II with not even using DIGIC X AF'ed on an auto crop at 30 fps stills.  While the eyeAF is acceptable, I would hope that the M7 would use Canon's latest algorithms, and machine learning and cases.

The M50 has been Canon's surprise darling.  I'm sure Canon executives while hoping it would be successful, never in thier wildest dreams thought it would be THAT successful.  The M50 goes a long way to shoring up Canon's market-share numbers in more than a few regions.  It's only been unseated recently in Japan to the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III and PEN E-PL9, mostly because, well, Olympus is selling off everything right now - over 2.5 years after release, and essentially being the top mirrorless camera in Japan for the majority of that time.

However, lately, competition has been getting hard.  Sony has released some better lower-end camera models, Fuji has as well, and Panasonic joined the game by creating an M50 clone.

So the M50 is very very much due for an upgrade if Canon wants to continue to lead this competitive market.

Some lenses were also mentioned in this rumor, a more higher end "lens" to go with the M7 - I suspect something like a 15-55mm F2.8-4 to keep the size down to the 61mm EOS-M diameter and to keep it's size small and useable on Canon's other mirrorless EF-M cameras such as the M6 Mark II.

There is also mention of a new prime lens, and yes, I'm agreeing with Craig here, a 56mm F1.4 is certainly needed - but can it beat the simply amazing Sigma 56mm F1.4?  Maybe Canon should go for some wow factor, like a 15mm F1.4.  The EF-M 32mm is I would say pretty much class-leading if you consider the price and the optics, but it really doesn't have that wow factor.

Time will tell, but if these are coming for Q4, I would expect us to hear credible and validated leaks soon.


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