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Possible Specifications of the M50 Mark II
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Possible Specifications of the M50 Mark II

Canon Rumors has released some specifications that they feel will be in the M50 Mark II.

  • 32.5mp APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC X (maybe a new version)
  • 14fps
  • 4K @ 60p no crop
  • No IBIS
  • Similar EVF resolution as the EOS R6
  • Single SD card slot

Part of the reason for the M50's success was that it was both cheap, small, and light.  Would Canon upgrade both the M50's EVF, DIGIC and sensor and on top of that manage 4K60p without being plagued by overheating?  That's difficult to say. Odds are this video is not as good as everyone would want and will most likely be lineskipped video.  Which is fine. As users found out with the R5, simply add sharpening and it's really hard to tell the difference.  I think it's reasonable, but I also think it's reasonable if Canon pulls back a bit puts in the 24MP sensor, and does a better job on video - since most of the people using the M50 like it's a small size, and video capabilities with DPAF.

What has me curious if this is legitimate - is what price? This camera is a little too close to the M6 Mark II to also sell both models.  The M6 Mark II body only price was $849, where the M50 had an MSRP of around $679.  Would (and could) Canon make the M50 better than last year's M6 Mark II, and sell it for $170 less and toss in the EVF at the same time?  That seems a little improbable.   Unless you are going to increase the price of the M50 Mark II to somewhere around $900 to $999. Then you'd want to increase the size, and give it better ergonomics, and if you do all that, it then loses some of the appeals of the camera and you may as well call it an M5 Mark II. 

Another issue I have with this is that we do have a fairly good idea that this is an M50 Mark II - simply because of this earlier certification which indicates an LP-E12 battery - Canon uses the LP-E12 in the M50 and also the M200 EOS-M cameras.  So that makes that line of moving the camera too upscale difficult to imagine, as an LP-E12 battery simply does not have enough power to support a high CIPA shots per battery rating and on top of that, you're increasing the EVF resolution and the sensor resolution.  DIGIC X is supposed to be better at power management, so perhaps it's a wash.

I've been wrong more times than I care to admit pulling these rumors apart as well, one thing we do know is that Canon has been challenging their norms lately.  There's been a fair amount of confusion with the EOS-M's this summer, it could be that Canon themselves haven't made up their mind.  We do know there's an M camera coming, and I like many others are very curious to see what Canon is going to do.

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